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Affordable Housing is Key to Growth

As I visit with Cedar Rapids business owners, I hear a common refrain: “We need workers.”

If we’re going to be serious about solving the problem, we need to look at the entire issue and look for creative solutions.

Growing our workforce is going to take a city that is committed to attracting and retaining people, but it’s more than putting out “Help Wanted” signs. Among the keys to success will be making sure we have affordable housing for those who have already chosen Cedar Rapids as home and those that will in the future an incentive to recruit new residents.

The state just announced $100 million of federal pandemic aid to fill the gap of affordable housing in Iowa. The funding will come from the American Rescue Plan pandemic relief funds and local fiscal relief funds.

As mayor, growing our workforce is key to achieving my vision of a vibrant, prosperous and welcoming city. I look forward to the opportunity to make full use of these funds and work with the state and county to add to it!

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