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Wait, what? Derecho clean up is done?

Have you heard we’re done with Derecho clean-up? Me neither.

Maybe I’m not paying close enough attention, but I just heard on the news that April 19th is the last day to put Derecho debris by your curb for pick-up. Checking the City web site, I found a link saying the same. I guess I have four more days to cut up the rest of the trees in my yard and haul them to the curb. Cancel the weekend plans! Start the chain saws!

Is this really the best way to keep our citizens up to date on important information? The City should have communicated months ago that this deadline was set so we could all plan accordingly. If they did, it sure wasn’t very effective. Where’s the chance for feedback? Are we really done as a city with clean-up? It doesn’t look that way as I drive around town.

My assumption is decision was made because of the cost incurred as well as the ongoing cost combined with reduced use by citizens. We made it through the big stuff already, but are we really done? My guess is that we will have a panic this weekend as our neighbors rush to do those last clean up projects. The clean-up effort has been herculean, but it’s not done. The City needs to lead the way in making sure we finish the clean-up, restore as best we can and move forward to a better tomorrow together.

Communication is a major part of the job of the Mayor and the City. Unfortunately, communication has been sorely lacking and this is only one example. As Mayor, my commitment to you will be to be open about issues at the City and to communicate often and clearly especially on matters that concern us all.

Let’s put our people first. #believeinCR

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