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My Priorities

Fix & Finish

Cleanup on multiple fronts. Fix deteriorating streets, swiftly complete Derecho cleanup, accelerate flood recovery.

Retain & Recruit

Jobs, workers and businesses. Ensure opportunities for our existing workforce, incentivize and support growth of existing businesses, strategically recruit workers and businesses of the future, lean into our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Drive & Thrive

​Downtown & river revitalization and nurture our neighborhoods. Make the river a feature that unites the city.  Create a vibrant, diverse city center surrounded by unique neighborhoods that current and future Cedar Rapidians of all backgrounds want to make their home.


Most importantly, this vision relies on our people. We are an engaged, diverse and proud community. We are the second-largest city in the state and have proven, time and time again, our strength and resilience. Imagine if we put that behind a common goal to make Cedar Rapids a premiere destination to live, work and play!

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