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Tiffany at the office


Transparancy is critical to good governanace.  In that interest I am publishing my list of donors prior to the deadline of October 28th.  I believe that waiting until 5 days before the election does not provide the transparency that voters deserve.

I am committed to being a non-partisan leader.  My supporters are from all parties and all parts of Cedar Rapids.  I do not accept donations from political parties or political action committees. 

  • 100% of my donors are individuals

  • 95% of my donations are from Iowans

  • the 5% of my donations from out of state are friends, family and many former Cedar Rapidians

  • $0 from political parties, political action committees or corporations

Official Campaign Filings

The following reports were filed with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board.  More information can be found at

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